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You don't need to see it to see it.


They say if you stare at the night sky for long enough, you can see the stars moving.

Global Game Jam 2021

In less than 48 hours, we created a 2D platformer where you try to escape from a haunted manor using a magic flashlight coming from your mouse that magically stops ghosts from moving. Help your avatar find the key as best as you can, but remember that you have a single flashlight that you'll need both to find your way and to stop the ghosts from hugging you.
Our team was composed of one music composer and two software engineering students who had never used a game engine before. We got familiar with the Godot Engine on the fly and successfully delivered our game within the time limit.

Try it here: Download for Linux/Windows/Mac
Hack it here: Github repository

FASTEST VERIFIED SPEEDRUN: Spybear (0h 0m 33.72 s)
Runner-up: Simon V. (0h 0m 36.45 s)

The Cachou Factory

Due to the secrecy surrounding Cachou's recipe, the location of the Cachou Factory was kept a secret for centuries. This footage is a very rare insight in the making of the world-famous candy.
Here is a short 3D animation made with Blender. Credits to this tutorial.

Some blue resources

You can check out my bubble generator in this notebook. The bubbles loop on the horizontal, vertical, and time axis.
There's also a simple Delaunay triangulation gif generator, which I used for the main page's background.

There's more

Check out this website's sandbox.